HP Printer Says offline Windows 10

How to Fix the HP Printer Says Offline in Windows 10 Issue

When it comes to offline issues on printer with windows 10 computer, It has always been a technical challenge that why out off sudden printer start saying offline. There are plenty of users who searched on internet why HP printer says Offline on widows 10 computer. Today we will tell you the exact technical reason why hp printer goes offline on windows 10.

Why MY HP Printer Says Offline in Windows 10 Issues

1) The HP printer must be in a pause state. So you need to enable your printer through windows 10 settings area. Open print management in widows 10 to make your printer back online. As you remove the pause it will remove the offline status of your HP printer. Immediate lt you will see there is no more printer offline error message in windows 10.

Here are easy steps to fix HP Printer says Offline to online in Windows 10

1) Press windows and R on keyboard and open run box.
2) Type control printers in the run box and press ok.
3) You will see your printer listed under Printers and Faxes.
4) Right click on your printer.
5) Remove the pause status.
6) Your Printer is online now.

2) why the HP Printer Says Offline on windows 10. Your Windows 10 computer must not be communicating to your router IP address. Possibilities could be you might have changed your router or modem. You can update the IP address by login into your Router login page on Windows 10 to connect Hp printer and fix Hp Printer offline issue.

Here are solutions to fix HP Printer says Offline to online in Windows 10

1) Press windows and R on keyboard and open run box.
2) Type cmd in the run box and press ok to open command prompt.
3) In the the black screen(command promt) type ipconfig and press enter.
4) You will see windows IP configuration page.
5) Copy the router IP address , which you see in Default gateway.
6) Type Router IP address in any browser
7) Login into your router by typing username and password.
8) Check the number of connected devices
9) You will find your Printer ip address in the connected devices list.

3) Print Spooler Services must be off on your windows 10 computer. Print Spooler is a service which manages the printing process inside windows 10 computer. You can turn on the spooler service by going into services.msc and check the status weather the spooler service is on or off.

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I hope our blog will help You to fix the HP Printer says Offline in windows 10 issue.

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