How Do I Connect My HP Deskjet 3639 printer To Wifi?

Connect My HP Deskjet 3639 printer To Wifi

The HP Deskjet 3639 printer is one of the better options of printer available in the market today. The HP Deskjet series of printers gives you several types to choose from. Different kinds of features exist in the HP Deskjet 3639 printer which caters to a varied number of clients and users.

One of the best things about having a HP Deskjet 3639 printer is the fact that you can use it by help of connecting to the WiFi connection available. This makes it simple to use on a lot of levels. It minimizes the need of numerous cables and wires which become a problem to use.

Connect My HP Deskjet 3639 printer To Wifi

hp deskjet 3639 connect to wifi

The first thing you do when you purchase the HP Deskjet 3639 printer is that you setup the printer properly. Make sure that the HP Deskjet 3639 printer has been setup according to the manual which is given when you buy the printer too.

This should be the first step. Put together the hardware of the printer properly, attach the wires and the software. This process to connect the HP Deskjet 3639 printer to wifi can be done by the user of their own too. However in case there are some issues in doing this, there are a lot of HP dealerships which are there even in the remotest locations.

There could be 24×7 customer service numbers which can be dialed in case there must be more specific problems.But the following article will demonstrate in detail just how you are to go about connecting your HP Deskjet 3639 printer.

HP Deskjet 3639 printer to the wifi connection:

  1. First thing you should do is make sure the HP Deskjet 3639 printer is setup properly according to the instructions given on the printer manual at the time of purchase.
  2. Make sure that you have a Wifirouter, your internet connection is connected and is functioning properly.
  3. Ensure that you put your HP Deskjet 3639 printer close to the WiFi router as sometimes the connection gets hampered because of issues like this.
  4. Another thing which you have to do is that make sure you have your printer driver software downloaded on your device. If you do not, then make sure you go to the 123.hp website, type in the name of the HP Deskjet 3639 printer properly.
  5. Then click on download and then click on OK. Once the download of the HP Deskjet 3639 printer driver software has been done, after this you have to follow the steps given on the device itself.
  6. Follow the steps and they will lead you to install the device entirely.
  7. You also have to make sure that the printing tray has been attached properly, the printer papers have been put in place too. They have to be the size of the printer tray.
  8. Now you have to go to the network option on your device. From this option in there, select the wireless setup wizard there.
  9. After you have done this, you have to select the name of the network with which you have to make the connection. Do this and click on OK. After this you have to proceed with the steps given.
  10. Now once you have done this, then move on to typing in the password which you had written in the beginning.
  11. After this, try and do a few test rounds of printing to check if the printer connection to wifi is working properly.
  12. If it still does not work, just check the printer connections and try sample printing once again.

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