Add an hp printer to a wireless network

How to Connect an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

Wireless printers are a buzz these days with everyone, wireless printer gives the user to independently access it without having to worry about wires and cables which makes your printer surrounding look extremely messy. With the wireless printers you can print, scan and copy documents using your PC’s, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones.

Adding an HP Printer to a wireless network is no rocket science and anyone can do it if guided well. So here in this blog we have included few steps through which you can easily do a wireless network setup for your HP Printer. However always check the wireless compatibility of your HP printer as not all printers are Wi-Fi enabled.

1) Connect Automatically

If you wish to auto connect your printer through HP Auto Wireless Connect, you will first have to check if your computer and network configuration meet the following criteria’s
• The computer should have Windows, or Mac.
• The computer should be connected to a wireless router with an active internet connection.
• The computer’s OS should be compatible to wireless network.
• The computer should be on a dynamic IP address not on a stagnant one.

2) Check your printer’s drivers

• It is important to check your printer’s software regularly, at times it may require to be updated or re-installed.
• For that you need to go to the home page of and enter your printer model number. Next choose from the different software available and select the most appropriate one for your HP printer. You need to hit download, in order to proceed with the installation process.

3) Setup the HP Printers on a Wireless Network

• Plug in the power cable to a power source and switch on the printer.
• Now acquire the details of the desired network you wish your printer to be connected to.
• Next place the printer next to the router and turn on both the devices concurrently
• Go to the settings option, check for control panel of the printer.
• Once you get to the wireless option, check on all the available networks that are displayed on the list.
• Now choose the most suitable network you wish to connect your printer to.
• Your printer has now been successfully connected to the desired wireless network.

4) Setup the HP Printers on a Wireless Network Manually

• Place your HP printer next to your computer.
• Next connect the printer’s USB cable to one end to the USB port present in the computer and the other end to the rear of the printer.
• Now turn on both the devices together.
• Now go to the ‘Control Panel’ by clicking on the Start button and then select the ‘Settings’ option
• You will now get to the ‘Settings’ and see the ‘Wi-Fi direct’ option.
• Click on Wi-Fi direct option
• There would be an array of available networks displayed on the screen, simply click on it and choose the most suitable network for your device.
• Your HP printer is now connected manually
Hope this blog is good enough to help you connect your HP Printer to a Wireless Network, in-case if you are still unable to do it then kindly contact us either via chat or call us on our toll free number and our subject matter experts will be happy to help you.

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