WPS Pin on HP Printer

Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

WPS Pin on HP Printer

When we Successfully install an HP Printer drivers on our computer it will ask to enter a “WPS Pin” WPS Pin is described as  WiFi Protected Setup. As the name suggest it is used make a secure connection between a computer and an HP printer. Finding WPS Pin on HP printer has always been a Technical challenge since inception. In order to find the WPS Pin there are few simple steps which we can follow to make connection between a router and HP Printer.

What is WPS Pin?

WPS refers for the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” a code in technical language. This is specially a network protection standard which is wireless. And, this helps to build faster and easier connections between wireless printer and a router. It can work for only wireless networks, which is use a password and the password is encrypted with the WPA2 or WPA Personal network security protocols. The WPS button simplifies the connection process.

Types of WPS Connections in HP Printers:-

  • WPS Button
  • WPS Pin

Steps to Connect HP Printer using WPS Button

Step 1) Tap Hp Printer control panel on printer screed and then press the wireless button or Setting button.( You will see a Blue blinking light)
Step 2) Next select the option “WiFi protected Setup and follow the instructions on the printer screen.
Step 3) Then select the WPS Button option in the next screen. Immediately printer will ask to enter the WPS button on wireless router.
Step4 Upon pressing the WPS button on the router, press continue for wireless connection.
Step 5) Next you will a solid blue light on printer, Which meas our printer is ready to print.

Steps to Connect WPS Pin on HP Printer

Step 1) Open HP Printer control panel and then press the Wireless option under settings.
Step 2) Tap the WiFi protected Setup and then follow next option for WPS pin.
Step 3) Now we will see a PIN option, upon taping on it , WPS button will be displayed on screen.
Step 4) Open wireless router login page or Wireless access point Where we have to enter WPS PIN.
Step 5) Once the setup is complete, we have to Install a printer driver on network by opening Hp Printer Folder in All Programs > Printer Setup & Software.
Step 6) Next Select select the option ” Connect a new printer’ and we are good to go.

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