Whenever you buy a new HP Printer, it is essential to setup the printer first via 123.hp.com/setup,

Then install the printer driver into the computer, and then connect the computer or other peripherals to the printer in order to print documents.To install an HP Printer, first, unbox the printer, remove all the stickers, tapes, and wrapping materials inside the printer, connect it to a power source, load sheets of paper, and then install the ink cartridges.

Essentials of Printer Support:

Setting up with the help of 123.hp website

As a customer, the kind of reviews which were read and received about HP printers made them the most plausible option when looking to purchase a printer. It is not only an established name in the industry, but will also give you printers which are of different prices, types, qualities. In fact, as a customer one would like to have the best options and maximum number of options at our disposal prior to making any decision about buying a printer. This is also what should figure in the background research for any customer purchasing a printer. It is essential for us as customers to understand the need for printer support and printer support figuring as an important decision maker when picking out a printer.

Printer support facilitates the way in which you interact with the printer company. And in all these departments, HP printers have been known to make a mark in every way. This is also the reason why it is preferred over a lot of other options. The customers prefer HP because of the wide range of options which HP gives you within printer support as well. You have everything ranging from printer chat support, to helpline numbers, phone assistance, printer expert help and even customer service for printers. The entire process of using a printer is made simpler by HP and it contributes to having a better overall experience with the device as well.

Along with having a basic understanding of how printer support functions, one must also when buying an HP printer have a general idea of how the setup process for the printer works. This is necessary as to effectively use your device, there are several steps which go into making sure the entire product is put together properly by you.

These involve a series of simple steps which can also be followed by any customer who can follow the given instructions. All one has to do is adhere to the list below and make sure each one of the pointers is perused in great detail and then implemented onto your printer too. Now, a proper setup process for HP printers is necessary because even though the HP printers come with a host of options and choices you can pick out of, none of them will be possible to achieve or fulfill if you are not able to connect and setup the printer properly.

The steps given below largely cover most of the important parts and processes of what goes on behind the setup process of a printer. Most of the details have been attempted to be explored in detail below and any consumer looking to setup their HP printer will have this page as a help for any and every concern relating to

setting up their devices. Which is why, it is also recommended that you go over the whole page and peruse each of the pointers on the page before implementing them. The article has also been divided according to specific issues which might arise, and one can seek assistance from particular paragraphs as well depending on the kind of concern which they are facing while setting up their HP printers.

Another thing to note is that most of these things have been laid out by a HP printer user, who has directed the methods in such a manner that they are applicable and easy to understand for all the other HP printer users. There is lesser technical help here but a more layman’s explanation of how you can go about using your HP printer.

Setting up the HP printer with the help of the 123.hp website

Opening the printer and setting up


One of the first things which you are required to do when you buy a HP printer, even before you move on to the hp 123 setup is to make sure that you first unbox your printer in a manner which preserves the device to the best of its interest.


This has to be done by keeping close the printer manual which is received along with the printer at the time of purchase as this is also something which will help you put together the device, it might also have important details concerning the setup process.


Make sure that all the package materials and plastic which the printer comes in is removed properly from every nook and crevice of your HP printer device.


After this you have to make sure that you take out all the extra hardware of the HP printer which you received along with it. These would be things which one might not have come attached to the printer from right in the beginning itself and would need to be connected at a later stage.


For this purpose, start out by connecting these ancillary parts to the HP printer and make sure that you follow the instructions of a printer manual for this purpose. This is rather simple to do and would require you to merely ape the photos of the printer which would be given on top of the printer box and manual as well.


After this is done, also make sure that the printing tray and other important peripherals have been put together on the hardware of the printer as instructed. Now you can move on to starting the printer after all this has been done.


Another thing to bear in mind through the process is where you place the printer. Where the printer finds place becomes pertinent because it should be kept away from direct heat or dust sources so that the product also lasts for a longer period of time.


It will also make sure the printer remains in good working condition and keeps producing quality output which does not get affected by heat. You must also regularly make sure the printing device is cleaned and dusted for the best output from your HP printer.

Connecting the printer to a power point and starting the device

  • These basic setup steps are the ones which start out by you connecting the power cord of your printer and then making sure it gets a power source. You will have to connect and start the printer after having done all the above steps listed.

  • Now once this has been done, click on the start button of the printer and give it a few minutes to initialize and begin to use.

  • Now once this has been done, what you need to do since this is a new printing device and has none of the settings according to your preferences, you will have to change this to suit your needs.

  • Make sure that you go to the control panel and settings of the printer, and change the printer setting to meet your own requirement as per your usage and details. This will go on to help you have a smoother printing process throughout.

  • The details which they usually ask for are the date, time, printer region, details of your country, the language on which you would want to use your printer screen etc. make sure that you spend some time trying to feed in the details as you would like them to be exhibited.

  • Once this has been done, then your second half of the HP printer setup process with the help of 123 printer setup has been completed and you can now move on to the further steps explaining this below.

Printing paper and other peripherals
for the 123 hp com setup

  • Once the above has been done properly, then have a glance and check once again to see if the printing paper has been put into the printing tray.

  • This is an important element of the setup process and the printer will not function without it. Make sure that you also check if the printer tray has been lodged into the device properly.

  • There should be adequate amounts of paper, in the correct size as required by your printer and only then can you proceed to use the HP printer further else one cannot.

  • This also makes sure you have closed the printing tray properly and only then move on to the next step in the process.

Setting up the ink cartridge on your HP printer- full steps

  • Start out by making sure you take out the ink cartridge properly and place it on the side in a gentle manner.

  • Now moving on from this, make sure that the protection tapes and other protective gear within the device has been removed in a proper manner.

  • After this you have to replace the printer ink cartridge and place them in the respective slots put out for them in the device and then ensure their placement is accurate.

  • Shut the door of the cartridge slowly and make sure that the placement of the ink slots has been done so that they do not spill and that the door is able to close properly on the HP printer.

  • Now you can move on to the further steps below.

Setting up your HP printer on the 123.hp.com/setup

  • You must through the whole process have a good internet connection when trying to do the setup process for your device. This becomes very important as the printer will not function without an internet connection.

  • Along with this, as will be given below, that when you are using the 123.hp.com setup you will also have to make sure that the entire process has not only the presence of an internet connection, but one which runs reasonably fast and without glitches. There could be errors when you are trying to download the information or data otherwise.

  • It is also suggested that you test and check your internet connect or Wi-Fi prior to doing the whole 123.hp.com setup process so that the problems do not arise in the course of using it.

  • Make sure that you keep all the extra wires which you receive at the time of buying the HP printer. These wires and connector cables are a very important part of the www.hp.com123 process and you might require them at any stage when trying to connect your printer to other devices.

  • This is also a pointer to also make sure you keep carefully any other ancillary devices which you are not using in a proper manner, as they could be used at a later stage as well.

Setting up your HP printer on the 123.hp website using the help of a CD or drive

  • Now a large number of times, the driver or the setup process for your HP printer will be given along with the printer at the time of purchase. Not in all situations, though. In others you will have to follow the below process of downloading it from the 123.hp website.

  • However in this case, what is being covered is how you can setup with the help of a CD drive etc. which you get at the time of purchase.

  • Make sure that if this is the case, you keep the CD carefully and hold on to it. Once the device has started and you have switched it on, then insert the CD into the port and then wait for it to initialize.

  • You can go into the CD reader option on your screen and read the files present on the device. Once you click on it you will be given the option to follow the process to setup the entire device on your computer etc.

  • You will have to give this a few minutes and give them the required permissions and then continue to let the download and setup happen.

  • This could usually take a few minutes and it is recommended that you have a good working device for this, and make sure that no glitches happen through the course of this. Now you can move on to using the printer device.

  • This concludes the manner in which you can setup your device with the help of the CD drive or other peripheral setup help.

Printer driver setup with the 123 hp setup

  • The printer driver is an important part of your device. This is the method by which your device connects with other devices and forms an interaction with them. It is one of the most necessary software additions which needs to be present in every HP printer.

  • This is why you must follow the steps to download the printer driver from the 123.hp.com website setup and adhere to it.

  • Another thing to note is that there are two methods by which this is usually done. The first one is the CD drive method which has been given above, and is highlighted in detail in the previous lines properly.

  • Following this is how you are able to download the printer driver through the 123.hp.com process. This is what will de delved into here and in the following lines.

  • Make sure you follow each step and adhere to it. So you can start out by making sure that you have the printer switched on and ready to use and all the peripherals attached as well.
  • Now move on to going to the 123.hp website and letting it load. Give it a few minutes until the whole page is present in front of you.

  • After this, make sure that you go on to the option which you have to type the name and model of your HP printer. Why this is necessary is because you will have to download the printer driver for that particular device, and then follow suit.

  • So make sure you have the name of your device and the model, and do not make any errors here because it could lead to problems as the wrong printer driver software will get downloaded on your device.

  • This could also lead to larger issues like the device not functioning when the other processes have been met properly.

Installing the printer driver and setting up your HP printer

  • Once you have typed in the name and model of your printer, after this make sure that you go on to click on the download option which shows up in front of your screen.

  • Give it a few minutes until the whole download of the printer driver software is done and then move on to the installing of it.

  • Make sure that after this, you click on the downloaded folder and then let it load for a few minutes. After this, ensure that you also click on it and a series of boxes will appear before you.

  • You have to now choose and allow, give permissions etc. and then move on to the installing part of it. You have to give it a few minutes before the entire installation process is done and then move on to using it.

  • Make sure that once the installing of the printer driver software is done, you conduct a few test prints to check whether or not the device is working properly.

  • If any issues arise, then you can always go over the whole process again to see if you have missed out any of the steps. The steps have been laid out for a layman to comprehend and understand in simple terms as well.

  • However in case of issues if there are more, then go on to the customer service or printer expert or any of the printer chat support options which are present for HP printers.
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