IJ.Start.Canon TS3522 Printer Setup: Step-by-Step Guide

ij.start.canon ts3522

The installation procedure for Canon IJ Start printers involves several steps, following the instructions outlined below will help to set up the IJ start Canon TS3522 effectively. Begin with the unpacking of the printer, to avoid damaging the device, leave some parts of the protective materials on the printer.

Subsequently, attach the audio cable that has been included in the package and accompanied by a power cord and connect it to the printer then to the power source thus enabling it to be switched on and take you through the installation process. This step involves the basic task of waking up the printer and putting it into a functional and usable state from a power-on state.

Step By Process of Installing IJ.Start.Canon TS3522 Printer

https ij start canon ts3522
https ij start canon ts3522

Upgrade to the latest version of your printer drivers by following these steps:

Verify Printer Connection: The best strategies are: First of all check to make sure that your printer is connected to an active port and is on.

Locate Installation CD: If you are able to find the CD that was provided together with the Canon TS3522 printer, then you should use it.

Insert CD into Drive: This should be done very gently to ensure that the driver installation CD is ‘wedged’ neatly into the CD drive of the computer or laptop. This CD will facilitate provision of correct software and drivers that would enhance the functionality of your printer. For the latest drivers you can also visit https ij start canon ts3522 and The site is designed to provide all the necessary downloads and instructions to ensure your printer operates efficiently.

Follow Setup Instructions: After that is done, you just have to pop the CD in and run through the installation instructions on the screen. Some of the steps that may be involved will be choosing your operating system, accepting terms and conditions and also setting up an installation option among others.

Complete Installation: At this point, if prompted, restart the computer on which the installation was performed. Check whether the printer is connected properly to the computer system and whether it is switched on or not. Check and ensure that the correct drivers have been installed by simply printing a test page to determine the functionality of the printer.

It is recommended that you always update your printer drivers for compatibility with the operating system in your computer and optimize on the use of the Canon TS3522 printer thus harnessing its full potential. In case you are still experiencing some difficulties you can visit  https //ij.start.canon setup ts3522 and read the online manual for the printer with detailed instructions.

Read More: https IJ Start Canon Setup Configuration Printer

How to Complete WiFi Setup for Canon Pixma TS3522 for Windows and Mac Users

Now let us walk you through the process of eventually configuring your Canon Pixma TS3522 printer through WiFi. For detailed instructions and downloads, you can always visit https://ij.start.canon/ts3522. Given below are the steps that can be used by Windows and Mac users to setup WiFi

https ij start canon ts3522

For Windows Users:

Initial Setup:

  • Before you start the setup make sure your Canon Pixma TS3522 is turned on.
  • Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the Wi-Fi light starts flashing.

Download and Install Drivers:

  • Visit https //ij.start.canon ts3522.
  • Now you need to look for recommended drivers and software for Windows and start downloading
  • Now install the downloaded drivers

Connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Now while in  the driver installation stage when prompted select Wireless LAN Connection.
  • Choose ‘Connect using wireless router’ and make appropriate selections as recommended in the toolbars.
  • This setup program will then identify any available networks. Enter your Wi-Fi security key from the displayed list of networks.
  • Accepted Wi-Fi network security and entered the WPA/WPA2 personal password when requested, and followed the rest of the instructions for connection.

Complete Installation:

  • Once connected, follow the remaining prompts to finish the installation process.
  • Print a test page to confirm the setup.

For more help, you can refer to the setup guide at https ij start canon ts3522 setup.

For Mac Users:

Initial Setup:

  • Before you start the setup make sure your Canon Pixma TS3522 is turned on.
  • Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the Wi-Fi light starts flashing.

Download and Install Drivers:

  • Visit https //ij.start.canon/ts35222.
  • Now you need to look for recommended drivers and software for Mac and start downloading
  • Now install the downloaded drivers on your Mac PC or Laptop

Connect to Wi-Fi:

  • During the driver installation, select “Wireless LAN Connection” as your connection method.
  • Choose “Connect via wireless router” and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  • The setup program will detect available networks. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted and complete the setup.

Complete Installation:

  • The rest of the installation process is initiated after an individual connects to Wi-Fi.
  • After the finalization of setting, it usually maneuvers to print a test page.

By following these steps and using resources from https Compatible with this line, If the above fail to solve the problem, for further assistance, visit https //ij.start.canon setup ts3522.

Easy Scanning Setup for Your Canon TS3522 Printer

Access Canon’s Support Page: First of all, start with Canon’s support web page https//ij.start.canon/ts3522

Download Canon IJ Scan Utility: From those displayed find and right click on the option that has the Canon IJ Scan Utility and click on download.

Follow Installation Steps: Consult the instructions given at the end of the post and finish the installation process.

Select Your Printer: Navigate to the start menu and access the IJ Scan Utility where you will be prompted to select your canon TS3522 printer from the available few.

Install the MP Driver: Also, make sure that you download and install the MP driver, this one is particularly important for the operation of scanning utilities.

If you go through these procedures, you should be able to initialize the Canon TS3522 for scanning very easily whilst also checking on the operationalized drivers and software.

Canon TS3522 Cloud Link Setup:

  • Register Printer: Add it on to the Canon Cloud Printing Centre.
  • Start Print Job: Now you need to start a print job from the printer.
  • Verify and Login: A URLwill be displayed on the printer input your login credentials.
  • Check Email: Check and verify the account confirmation email 
  • Configure Settings:  On the printer, go to Settings > Web Services Settings > Web Service Connection Settings from the HOME menu to complete the registration.

Final Words

This is a basic guide that will help you to set up the Canon TS3522 printer to connect to Wi-Fi, download the drivers, and use cloud features instantly. Cloud printing feature raises the level of convenience and efficiency so that users can print from multiple devices with ease. By adeptly managing these steps, the printer gets enhanced for the usage at home as well as at the office for everyday use in printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Canon TS3522 printer to Wi-Fi?

You can connect your Canon TS3522 printer to Wi-Fi by following these simple steps

1. Press & Hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the light starts flashing. 
2. Access Wi-Fi settings on a computer or mobile device.
3. Select the network name (SSID) displayed on the printer.
4. Enter the Wi-Fi password and follow any on-screen instructions.

How do I set up my Canon printer for the first time?

1. Take off the packing materials – do not leave anything like plastic wrapped on the product.
2. Switch on the power source of the printer and connect it to a power outlet.
3. Follow any on-screen instructions given to set up things such as language, region and preferences.
4. Proceed by inserting ink cartridges and stacking papers.
5. After that, it has to be connected to Wi-Fi or a computer if it is not connected already.
6. Drivers and software that come with the printer should be downloaded and installed from Canon site or CD included with the printer.

Why is my Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Your Canon printer may not connect to Wi-Fi due to an incorrect Wi-Fi password, network range issues, mismatched network settings between printer and router, or configuration errors.

How do I reset my Canon TS3522 printer?

To reset your Canon TS3522 printer:

1. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the power light flashes twice.
2. Release the Wi-Fi button after the second flash.
3. The printer will reset to factory settings.

How Do I Connect My Canon PIXMA TS3522 To My Laptop?

To connect your Canon PIXMA TS3522 printer to your laptop, first install the printer drivers from Canon’s website or CD-ROM. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to establish a connection via USB or Wi-Fi, ensuring both devices are on the same network for optimal performance.

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