How Can I Fix Brother Printer Error A5

Brother Printer Error A5

The Brother printers have made their reputation within a very short period in the market. It provides numerous features and characteristics to comfort the users while working. The quality of the printout and output that they give is commendable. However, at times they might face a few issues as mentioned by the users especially the Brother printer error A5. The Brother printer error A5 might occur due to technical issues like a damaged drum unit. You can easily view this error A5 on your printer screen when facing the same.

Fix Brother Printer Error A5

There are several ways to fix Brother printer error A5 using handy steps and instructions without losing time or money. You can keep up with the methods and solutions given below if you want to know how to fix the Brother printer error A5 code. These methods have been proven successful by the users who implied them while facing the issues.

Fix Brother Printer Error A5
Fix Brother Printer Error A5

1. Performing a cold reset to the printer

The very first method to fix the Brother printer error A5 could be to do a cold reset.

● For the same, you need to first disconnect the Brother printer from the power supply.
● Keep the connection disconnected for about 30-60 seconds and then you may connect back the cable.
● Turn on your printer and check if the error A5 code still exists.
● On the off chance if you still face the Brother printer error A5 you may follow the further instructions.

2. See if you receive a blank print

If you are facing the Brother printer error A5 even now you need to try and lift the top portion of the printer head.

● Check the flat glass on the scanner and ensure that no page is placed.
● Then press the copy button and click on start.
● Once you receive the printout check if it is blank. If the printed page is blank the issue is most probably solved.
● However, if you still face the error A5 you should move forward with the other method.

3. Installation of new updated printer drivers

There are possible chances of the existence of expired printer drivers. You need to ensure the condition of drivers and install the updated version.

● For the same search for the Brother printer official website online.
● Enter the exact model number of your printer and look for the available updated versions of printer drivers.
● Download the compatible ones displayed on the screen and then process the run command.
● Once the installation process is over you may check or confirm the fix Brother printer error A5 by giving a new command. If in case the error A5 still exists check on the other methods.

4. The resetting of drum unit and toner

● For this, you need to initially switch off your Brother printer entirely.
● Now open the front cover of the Brother printer to remove the drum unit and the toners all together.
● Make use of a green handle to bring out the drum unit before it stops.
● Make sure to keep the drum unit as well as the toner cartridges on a clean and flat surface to avoid any harm.
● There is a grey lock in your printer which you need to unlock while lifting the level.
● Now lift the drum units in front and remove them from the frame with the help of the green handles accessible.
● Check the entire printer properly and see that no paper is jammed inside it.
● Also, look for any damaged internal parts which might cause the issue. If you think that everything is normal and efficient for the working process you may re-insert the drum unit and toner cartridges in the Brother printer.
● Try and process the units. Now switch back on the Brother printer and give it a few seconds to get back to its normal self.
● The ready message would be shown on the printer display once it is all set to work.

On the off chance that you still facing the error A5 and do not know how to fix the Brother printer error A5 code, you may contact the executives. Visit the official Brother printer website and find the customer care details. The experts online would be ready to help you 24*7 online itself.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Brother printer error A5 mean?

The Brother printer error A5 means that your printer is facing some mechanical issue. The inefficiency could also be due to the damaged unit. This might hamper your work and make you unable to scan the documents easily.

How should I fix the Brother printer error A5?

If you face any error A5s state in your Brother printer you need to check all the wiring and connections. Try and restart your printer along with the device to which it is connected. You may also run the troubleshoot problems and look for any.

How to avoid Brother printer error A5?

The Brother printer error A5 code hampers The functioning of your printer. Hence you should make sure and avoid any such issue in the future. Also, try and print regularly from your Brother printer and keep the printer drivers updated to work smoothly. Also, make sure that the cartridges are sufficient enough. Check for any technical or hardware error A5s in your Brother printers regularly.

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