How do I Connect my Canon TS9120 Printer to Wifi

Connect Canon TS9120 Printer to Wifi

Connect Canon TS9120 Printer to Wifi

Canon is one of the most prominent and well-known brands in the sector of printers. It has gained a significant reputation through the features and services that it provides with its products. It has been efficient in providing the users with timely outputs with top-quality. It has become an extremely trustworthy brand and a name known to every person worldwide. It will be a great choice if you want to buy a new Canon TS9120 printer.

However, if you have bought a new one recently, you might want to know how do I connect a Canon TS9120 printer to WiFi and start working with it. The entire procedure is effortless and can be done within a few minutes. Neither does it require a long time nor a single penny. All you need is a stable internet Wifi connection, and you may get started with the work.

How do I Connect a Canon TS9120 Printer to WiFi on a Windows Device?

Most users usually use Windows devices and find it difficult to connect the printer with Wifi. However, we are here to help, and you may keep up with the instructions and connect the Canon TS9120 printer to Wifi easily.

● In the very first step, you need to switch on your printer and see if it is compatible with wireless functioning.
● Then you might see a Canon Pixma icon on the left side of your screen. Click the same.
● On the off chance, if you receive an error message, you may click on ok and press on the icon.
● Select the network option and then move to LAN settings.
● Then select the option named wireless LAN.
● Initiate the setup process by selecting the setup button.
● Click on the easy wireless connect alternative and provide confirmation by pressing the yes button.
● When the entire procedure is completed, your screen will display a few instructions which must be followed for the further process.

Connect your printer to wifi with a password

● Search for the Canon official website online on your device and open the official page.
● Press the download button on your screen and begin with the setup process.
● Once the download is complete, you may search for the same file on your device and begin with the setup procedure.
● Now from the same, if you want to set up the software, you need to click on the start setup option.
● The further process for setup would begin on your device when you initially choose the country and then press the next button.
● You will see an agreement message on your screen, which must be confirmed before going for the next steps. Do not forget to read it entirely and only confirm if you agree.
● You only need to press the Confirm option to accept all the license agreement details.
● Now select or choose the deactivate your block alternative.
● Press the next button on your screen.
● Click on the yes option for the connection procedure with the Wifi.
● A list of all the available networks nearby would appear on your screen, so select the one you want to connect to.
● Type the password for your network when prompted on-screen and click on the ok button.
● Do not forget to set your Canon TS9120 printer as default with the device. Once you are done with the entire procedure, the setup would be completed.

We hope that how do I connect the Canon TS9120 printer to the Wifi issue is resolved by now. In case an error is still troubling, you may contact the experts on the Canon official website. They would be happy to help you 24/7 online with their expert guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Canon TS9120 printer not connect to the Wifi?

Canon TS9120 printers do not connect to the Wifi because of the lesser range of the router. The network might not be constant and stable for proper functioning. Also, check if the network settings are turned on your device. Ensure that the password you enter for your network is written with all the letters in uppercase and lowercase accordingly.

How do I connect my Canon TS9120 printer with Wifi?

You can easily connect your printer with the Wifi by using the WPS pin available on the printer screen. You may also use the WPS button at the backside of your router to establish a proper Wifi connection.

What is the use of a Wifi connection in a printer?

The recent versions of the printer come with wireless facilities and adaptability. This feature allows the users to directly connect their printers with any of the devices without using a cable or wire. With this, you could print your documents anywhere remotely without being obstructed by the cable wires. You can easily share your files from the device to the printer and process the commands.

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