How To Fix An Error Code 344 ?

Fix An Error Code 344

Fix An Error Code 344

The problem of Error Code 344 happens sometimes when you are using a printer and this issue is usually because there is some communication issue in the functioning. Several other things might happen in the printer due to this.

Sometimes the printer may be able to only receive the fax and not be able to send any. In this case also you might see an Error Code 344 being shown on the screen of your printer.

There could be a few other responses on your printer when the Error Code 344 is showing on the screen. Make sure you know what the problem is. This article aims to do just that.

Since the showing of the Error Code 344 is something which people have faced a lot of times, it can also be fixed with ease. Make sure that you are sticking to some options which will be given in the lines below

Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that this issue could be happening due to a lot of reasons. This will be an attempt to identify what is the cause behind the issue and then try to fix the Error Code 344 on your printer.

There are a number of things which can be done. Ensure you follow all the steps given below to remedy this problem

  1. The first thing you can do is ensure you turn off the process for a while and then try to do the
    faxing when the connection lines are better.
  2. Sometimes the telephone connection lines are not working properly, and you just have to wait
    it out until it is functioning again.
  3. There are a number of helplines available for the printer, you can make sure you call them and
    tell them your Error Code 344 printer woes. This might help you to fix it.
  4. The connection lines were probably interrupted or damaged leading to your Error Code 344.
    Make sure that you get your connection lines checked and revised before using it once.
  5. Try and use another connection line if it is available.
  6. Another thing which you can do to fix the problem of Error Code 344 , is that you can try to
    change the setting and speed of the connection, and then do the faxing again.
  7. Sometimes it might happen that due to some unupdated issues the problem of Error Code
    344 is caused.
  8. Make sure that you check your printer driver software and then fix it.
  9. What you need to do here is that you have to update the printer driver software. Make sure this is done and it might help you fix the Error Code 344 .

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