Connect Canon Printer To WiFi

How Do I Connect Canon Printer To WiFi

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Wireless Network

Canon Inc. is a Japanese organization that manufactures imaging and optical devices. Canon Printers are famous for their built quality, high configuration functionalities, and high-quality printing. Canon has also introduced Wi-Fi connectivity in its printers. We need a shared connection or Wi-Fi to create a link between the Wireless Canon Printer Setup and a commanding device.

There are two ways to connect Canon printer to WiFi:

1) The first technique is to use the WPS button to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi directly. The user doesn’t need to use the Wi-Fi password to establish a connection with the wireless network. So actually, it is a faster technique.
2) The other technique is the WPA or WPA2 security protocol in which we require a Network Key to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi. It is essential to have these credentials before connecting the Canon Printer to a wireless network.
i) Wireless Network Name (SSID)
ii) Wireless Network Key (Password)

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi using WPS Button

Ensure that your Wi-Fi router has a physical WPS button before proceeding further with this technique.
1) Switch on your Printer. To do so, press the Power button of your printer.
2) Press and hold the Wi-Fi button. Hold it till an associated light blinks a single time. The Wi-Fi light will start to blink repeatedly with a blue glow till the printer doesn’t connect to the wireless network.
3) Now, move on to your router and ensure to switch it on. Press the WPS button of the router. Make sure to press the WPS button only for 2 minutes till the Wi-Fi lamp starts to blink on the Canon Printer. Keep in mind that the power and Wi-Fi lamp of the printer will keep blinking with their respective colors during the searching process.
4) The router and the printer will automatically establish a connection during this process. When the link is created between the printer and router, the Wi-Fi and power lamp will stop blinking, after the connection is established, they will continuously remain stable.

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi using WPA2 Security Protocol

First, we will establish the connection between the printer and the wireless network using the SSID and Network Key. After creating the link, we will add the printer to the computer, but make sure to connect your computer and the printer over the same wireless network.

Configuration of the Printer

1) Press the Power button of your printer to turn it on. Wait till the printer loads all of its configuration settings.
2) Click on the Settings icon. Keep in mind that the Settings icon can vary according to model number of the Canon Printer.
3) Select the Device Settings menu using arrow buttons and then press the OK button.
4) Using arrow buttons navigate to the LAN settings and press OK.
5) Choose the Wireless LAN Setup option, press the OK button.
6) Now, your printer will start to search the available wireless networks nearby it, and the light will also begin to blink.
7) When the searching process will complete, you can see nearby available networks within its range. Now, select your Wi-Fi name using arrow buttons and then press the OK button.
8) Enter the password of your selected wireless network. Use the ‘*’ button to change the format of the password, such as uppercase, lowercase letters, and numeric. After entering the network key, press the OK button.
9) Once the connection establishes between the printer and the computer, your printer will display as “Connected.”

Adding Printer to the Computer

After creating the link between the printer and the wireless network, add your printer to the computer, but keep in mind that your printer and computer must connect to a same wireless network before proceeding further. 

1) Press the Window + R key at the same time on your keyboard, type “control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” in the search bar, and then click on the OK button.

2) Click on the Add a Printer option accessible at the top of the Devices and Printers window.
3) Go to the Printer section, select your printer, and then click on the Next button.
4) Now, your Canon Printer is ready to print your documents.

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