How Can I Connect the Canon Printer to Bluetooth?

How to Connect Canon Printer to Bluetooth

Canon Pixma Printer Bluetooth setup

Canon printer is a brand which itself is trustworthy and faithful enough to give high-quality printouts along with other amazing features. It not only allows you to print by connecting to a computer or device using a USB cable or Wi-Fi network but also allows you to connect the canon printer to Bluetooth. This process makes the printing procedure much easier as well as the connection.

One might not know how to set up a canon printer to Bluetooth which is extremely common among people who do not have much knowledge of computers or printers and as we are here with the procedure that explains how to connect canon to Bluetooth is extremely simple and handy steps.

These steps would not take much of your time and would not even cost you a single penny which is beneficial on all sides for an individual.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Bluetooth

How to Connect Canon Printer to Bluetooth

  • Make sure that before you start with the process your printer is turned on and has no other visible obstructions.
  • You may now open the canon print app and click on the ‘no’ button if the screen asks you to search for available printers.
  • Click on the screen once and then tap on the button that says more.
  • Select the option that is labeled as Bluetooth setup and then click on the ‘next’ button.
  • Now click on ‘ok’ when the screen dialogue box asks you to pair your smartphone with the Canon printer for the Bluetooth connection.
  • Once your canon printer appears on the list of available connections you need to click on it.
  • Click on the Next button and then you see the listing for your canon printer.
  • The canon printer’s screen would show you the PIN and if your canon printer does not have a screen the similar pin would be on the network configuration page.
  • Now click ok after typing the PIN and press the back button on your smartphone or other devices that you are using.
  • Once the printer and your device are connected you then have to click on the ok button.
  • The entire process in order to connect canon to Bluetooth is completed and can be tested and confirmed by giving a sample print command.

Further, you may also connect your Canon printer with the smartphone or device using the detachable USB cable given along with the printer when you bought it.

If in case you are yet not successful with the entire process and are unable to connect canon to Bluetooth you may seek professional assistance through the Canon official website which will provide you with the contact details of the technical experts available with them on a 24/7 basis.

Frequently asked questions

Does a canon printer connect to Bluetooth?

Yes, several canon printers can be connected via Bluetooth if they have a similar feature. However, for the proper efficiency, the canon printer inkjet or SELPHY app should be installed on one’s device which is easily available on the Appstore and Google Play. However one cannot guarantee the Bluetooth connection on all Android devices.

How do I give a print command using my smartphone?

Make sure that your Android smartphone is appropriate enough to work with the canon printer using Bluetooth. Now install the canon print inkjet or SELPHY on your device and connect the same with the printer. Now you may use SELPHY to give print commands as you wish.

Do all the canon printers have Bluetooth functions?

All the canon printers do not have the canon functions and the same could be confirmed by the description of the product that is given in the user manual or on the box while you buy a new printer.

How do I connect the canon printer with my laptop using Bluetooth?

Open the laptop’s control panel and then go to the printers and devices options wherein you will get an option named Bluetooth devices. Click on it and then tap ‘add’ on the device sheet. Now the Bluetooth device connection process would start and you must make sure that the canon printer is powered on. Now check on the check box that says ‘My device is set up and ready to be found’ after which you need to finally click on next to complete the entire process.

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