Where to Find Canon Printer WPS Pin

Find Canon Printer Wps Pin

WPS Pin Canon Printer

Canon has proved to be a promising brand which is based in Japan. The brand has produced and manufactured a variety of products that are unique and provide the services of the top class. Anyone who uses a Canon printer might never complain of the services and features that are installed in it. Along with the efficiency in work and time-based printing, it has a lot of features which include scanning and fax. The design of all the products manufactured by the Canon brand is quite sleek and classic which makes it attractive too.

The users have been providing positive reviews for the same for years but there are chances when the user might not know of a few things or the few features that are present in the Canon printer. The users also find it quite troubling when they are unable to connect the Canon printer to the WPS pin. They must remember to first understand that WPS stands for ‘wireless protected setup’ which is an easy way to set up a connection between the router and printer that is being used to produce outputs. There is also a WPS button that is usually found on the router that can be used in case it has that feature.

A WPS pin is an eight-digit number that is used as a key to set up or connect a Canon printer to the WPS pin. Thus, there exist two ways to connect your printer to your router: set up a wireless connection between the two by either using the push button on the router or entering the WPS pin as on the printer.

To connect a Canon printer to WPS, you may go along with the steps that are explained below.

  • If your Canon printer has a screen you may use the navigation keys to go to the wireless menu option after pressing the wireless button.
  • Then open the ‘Wi-Fi protected setup’ and click on the ‘generate personal identification setup’ option that is present.
  • Now you may go along with the steps or instructions that are mentioned on your screen control panel. If the printer asks you to type the WPS pin then you may go to the control panel wherein the page that is usually printed can be used to discover the WPS pin.
  • The password that you receive would be only valid for 90 seconds and would expire after the same. The Canon printer that you are using would now produce a specific ‘personal identification number’ that will be sent to your wireless router screen.
  • You may enter the same WPS pin on your router.
  • The process to connect the Canon printer to the WPS pin is now successful.

If you are keen to know the exact location of your WPS pin on Canon printer you may look at the steps that are mentioned below and follow the same to find one on your Canon printer.

  • Go to the Canon printers control panel menu and then press on the wireless mode button which is seen on the screen.
  • Make sure that the LED light over the wireless name starts glowing in blue color and then you may press the ok button.
  • Wait for a few seconds after which your Canon printer shows the printer configuration specification on your screen.
  • You need to now click on the WPS pin which will further generate a WPS pin on the printer itself.
  • You may enter the same WPS Pin on the device when asked after connecting to the network that you are using and confirm if the setup is successful or not.

If in case you are still troubled by the entire process or any of the other issues you may get in contact with the technical experts who are available for assistance of 24*7 on the Canon official website.

Frequently asked questions

What is a WPS pin?

WPS or the Wi-Fi protected setup button is usually present on the router that one might have. While the WPS pin is an 8 digit number which is the sort of password used to connect to a network that can be used by the device and the printer.

Why isn’t my WPS pin working?

The time limit for which the WPS pin had been generated might have expired. The time limit is only a few minutes and usually 90 seconds after which the WPS pin will not work and you will have to generate a new one.

Where is the WPS pin found on my printer?

You need to go to the control panel of your specific printer and then press on the alternative that says settings. Then you have to click on the Wi-Fi protected setup and lastly on the pin button. These steps would lead you to the WPS pin for your printer which will be generated only for 90 seconds or a few minutes and hence you must use it immediately.

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