hp envy 5020 wireless setup

How to Setup HP envy 5020 wireless printer?

Connect HP Envy 5020 Printer to WiFi

The HP Envy series offers to customers a whole lot of specifics and options within printers which are good to look at, easy to use and also fairly affordable in terms of the device. Overall, one of the best printers in this series is the HP envy 5020 and it is also a device which has received good reviews all across.

The printer is known to have good printing speed, proper design and met to meet all the needs of the consumer. One of the first items on a checklist when you buy a printer like this is to make sure you do the setup of the printer properly. Why this is necessary is because the printer will not work unless it has been put together in the manner as instructed. Thus a conscious attempt has to be made to ensure the setup of the printer is done in the best way possible.

This can easily be done by first making sure you unbox the device properly. The entire process will not take a lot of time but will be done on the basis of the instruction booklet which you would have got in the box of the printer itself. Follow the steps written in the booklet.

Make sure you put together the external hardware etc. in such a manner that it is now ready to be switched on. Ensure you turn the machine’s power only when the entire above process has been done according to the booklet. This includes connecting cables and wires.

Now for any printer you have to ensure you put enough ink in the cartridge, seal it properly. Keep the printer clean and away from dust. One must also make sure that they download the driver software as well. This will overall help create a device which you can use easily.

Then you have to make sure that since this is a wireless device, you connect the printer device to the WiFi or internet. After you do this, then you can also alter the settings of the printer as how you want it and then move accordingly.

Go over a few prints and check the configuration settings before you can start to use the printer.

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