How to Connect HP Deskjet 2622 Printer to Wi Fi

connect hp deskjet 2622 to wifi

The HP Deskjet 2622 is a specifically versatile printer. This device comes with a stunning LCD display and operates particularly fast. It is an efficient machine, making it suitable for not only printing at home but can also meet the needs of a business space. The one good thing about this device is that it also supports wireless connectivity operation.

Connect HP Deskjet 2622 To WiFi:

This makes the HP Deskjet 2622 Wireless Printer setup a handy and easily operable device. One can not only place the printer wherever they like for the lack of wires, but can also print from mobile devices or even tablets.

Now, one can connect the printer to the wireless network in two ways, automatically or manually.

Connect HP Deskjet 2622 to WiFi Setup Automatically

hp deskjet 2622 setup

1) To Connect HP deskjet 2622 to WiFi Setup in this manner would be to check if the computer is connected to the router itself. Your network connection with the router must be established, else this could cause potential errors later.
2) After this, now you have to go and look for the requisite software to download. You have to now go to the HP official page, look for the name and model number of the Deskjet 2622 and download the specifications then.
3) The software will download on its own. Then follow the instructions required to set up the software within your computer. This is a fairly non-complicated process. One just has to follow the dialog boxes with instructions that follow after downloading the software.
4) Now, move on to switching on the printer. Press the power button and follow the options until you get to the ‘Network’ option.
5) Keep following the options till it leads you to the HP 2622 Wireless Printer Setup network information display.
6) A couple of minutes later, the setup will be completed and it will display upon completion on the screen.
7) You could cross check with the network information display on the screen whether the details are in place, and the printer, router etc. are actually connected.

This would largely be the whole process of connecting through automatic means. There could be some possible technical glitches that could arise along the way. But you can also avoid these by making sure the router networks are connected, follow the dialog boxes correctly and even re-check the network details, should you like to.

Connect the HP Deskjet 2622 Printer Setup Manually

hp deskjet 2622 wifi setup

1) To establish a manual connection with the printer, you have to first connect your computer to the printer with the help of a USB cable.
2) To Connect HP deskjet 2622 to WiFi Setup, there will be a set of installation CDs which will come along with the printer itself. In the chance that there are no CDs, one has to go to the website, locate the name and model of the printer and then download the requisite software. For detailed information on how one could download the software, you could refer to the aforementioned details in the Automatic Connection method.
3) However, in most cases, the device already comes equipped with a CD, all that one has to do is install the software present in the CD.
4) Once this is done, you have to switch your printer on through the Power button.
5) With the LCD present on your printer screen, head over to the section on the screen which is displaying ‘Setup’.
6) From then on, move on to the ‘Network’ setting. Once this is done, an option to select the wireless connectivity option will be available. This is the one that you have to pick to establish a wireless connection with your printer.
7) Once you select the network that you want, it will ask you for access details or password details. Having entered all of this, your setup will be done. And you can now proceed with your printing activities.


1) This is a rather efficient and easy to use printer which supports various modes of conducting work
2) You could operate on the automatic mode or the manual mode, as suitable
3) Basic things that need to be looked out for is whether the router is connected to the computer. This is because sometimes, it causes unnecessary errors due to no problem in the functioning of the printer itself. This is something one should ward against.
4) Aside from this, it is a very functional printer and the manner of connectivity, usage and connection to wireless network also is not a very complicated process.
5) Its instructions are fairly easy to follow, making the process of printing a rather easy task.

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