Where to Find WPS Pin Brother Printer

WPS pin on Brother Printer

Brother Printer WPS PIN: Your Key to Seamless Wireless Printing: A Step-by-Step Guide Connecting Your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi Using WPS

In today’s digital world, a reliable printer is essential for personal and professional use. Brother printers are known for their user-friendly features and cutting-edge technology, including the WPS PIN, which makes connecting your printer to Wi-Fi fast and secure.

WPS Pin Brother Printer

The Brother Printer WPS PIN is a key feature that makes setting up your printer on a Wi-Fi network quick and easy. It eliminates the need to manually enter the network name and password, which saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

The WPS PIN makes it easy to connect your printer to Wi-Fi without sacrificing security. It can only be used if someone has physical access to both the printer and router, which helps to keep your network safe. Brother Printer’s WPS PIN feature makes connecting your printer to Wi-Fi easy, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Brother Printers with WPS PIN work with most Wi-Fi routers supporting WPS. This makes it easy to connect your printer to your home or office network. It’s a valuable tool for both homes and offices with frequent printer use.

Let us explain what the Brother Printer WPS PIN is and how to find it, so you can connect your printer to Wi-Fi effortlessly.

What is the Brother Printer WPS PIN?

How to Find Brother Printer WPS pin?
How to Find Brother Printer WPS pin?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a security protocol that makes it easy to connect devices, like printers, to Wi-Fi networks. It works by automating the configuration process, so you don’t have to manually enter the network name and password.

WPS makes connecting devices to Wi-Fi easier, especially for non-tech-savvy users. Before WPS, users had to manually enter the network name (SSID) and password, which can be cumbersome.

The Brother Printer WPS PIN is a unique code that you can use to connect your Brother printer to your Wi-Fi network quickly and easily. To do this, you need to enable WPS on your printer and router, and then enter the PIN into your router.

Finding Your Brother Printer WPS PIN

To connect your Brother printer to a wireless network effortlessly, utilize the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature. The WPS PIN for a Brother printer is an 8-digit secure code, compliant with WPA or WPA2 protocols, facilitating secure wireless connectivity.

The WPS PIN is crucial for a seamless printer setup. When attempting to connect a Brother printer to a wireless network, you may encounter a prompt asking for the WPS PIN, especially if Wi-Fi Direct is enabled. However,

it’s recommended to opt for the Wireless Setup Wizard or the Control Panel for configuring the wireless connection instead of using the WPS PIN, for a smoother setup process.”

Here are the steps to find the WPS PIN for Brother Printer:

Accessing the Control Panel: Begin by ensuring your Brother Printer is powered on and ready. Locate the Control Panel, typically found on the front panel with buttons or a touchscreen.

Navigating to Network Settings: Use the Control Panel to access the printer’s menu, usually by pressing “Menu” or “Settings.” Navigate through the menu until you find “Network” or “Network Settings.

Locating the WPS Option: Within the Network Settings, seek out an option related to WLAN and select the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) option. It might be named “WPS Setup” or similar.

Retrieving the WPS PIN: Select the WPS or Wi-Fi Setup option, and your Brother Printer will display an 8-digit WPS PIN on the screen. This displayed WPS PIN is vital for securely connecting your Brother Printer to your Wi-Fi network using the WPS method, simplifying the setup process.

Connecting Your Brother Printer Using the WPS PIN

  • Preparing Your Wi-Fi Router: 
    • Ensure your Wi-Fi router is on and operational.
  • Activating the WPS Button on Your Router: 
    • Locate and press the router’s WPS button, typically labeled as such. This readies the router for WPS pairing.
  • Preparing You Brother Printer: 
    • Ensure your Brother printer is connected to a stable power source.
    • Next, navigate to the printer’s control panel menu.
    • Select the desired network using the arrow keys and confirm your choice by pressing “OK.”
    • The printer’s LCD will display an 8-digit PIN, and it will begin searching for an access point for the next 5 minutes. 
  • Inputting the WPS PIN: 
    • Access your computer or device’s network settings and find the WPS setup or PIN entry option.
    • Once on the WPS setup page, enter the PIN displayed on your printer’s LCD and follow the on-screen instructions. 
    • Enter the 8-digit WPS PIN from your Brother Printer’s screen.
  •  Confirmation and Successful Connection:
    • Your Brother Printer will communicate with the router. 
    • Upon successful connection, your printer’s display or router lights will confirm the setup.

How to Connect Your Smartphone and Brother Printer on Vista Desktop

  • Start Menu: Begin by clicking the Windows button in the Start menu on your Vista Desktop.
  • Add a New Wireless Device: Next, select “Add a New Wireless Device” to kick start the setup process.
  • Choose Your Smartphone Model: From the list provided, choose your smartphone model, and then click “Next” to continue.
  • Enter the PIN: Follow the on-screen instructions and input the PIN displayed on the printed page when prompted.
  • Select Your Network Connection: After entering the PIN, select the network connection you prefer for the setup.
  • Completing Setup: Click “Close” to finish the setup process.
  • Confirm Connection: If you see a “Connected” message, congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your devices to the router, enabling you to print documents with ease.
  • Enhance Printing Experience: For the best printing experience, consider going through these steps again if you encounter any connection issues. You can also reset the printer settings to their default configuration if necessary.
  • Test Print: Finally, click “OK” and run a test print command to ensure your setup is working flawlessly.
    Now you’ll have your smartphone and printer working in perfect harmony on your Vista Desktop. Enjoy hassle-free printing and convenience at your fingertips!

Step-by-Step: Connecting Your Brother Printer with Touch Screen Control

Let us understand connecting your Brother printer with a touch screen to your network is a simple step.

Power On: Start by turning on your Brother printer. Simply press the power button to get started.

Navigate the Menu: Use the touch screen to access the menu. From the dropdown options, choose the one that suits your needs.

Select Network: Within the menu, find and select “Network” to proceed.

Choose WLAN: Look for “WLAN” (Wireless Local Area Network) in the network menu and select it.

Get the WPS PIN: To retrieve the Brother Printer’s WPS PIN code, tap the arrow icon and then pick “WPS PIN Code.

LCD Display: The LCD panel will show an 8-digit PIN code. The system will now start searching for your router, and you have 5 minutes to complete the next steps.

Set Up in Your Browser: Open a web browser on a device connected to the same network. In the address bar, type “http://access point IP address.” ( Replace “access point IP address” with your device’s IP address, usually used as a registrar )

Enter the PIN: On the WPS setup page in your browser, enter the PIN displayed on your Brother printer’s LCD panel. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

Router as Registrar: Keep in mind that in this process, the router typically acts as the registrar for the WPS setup. These simple steps will help you have your Brother printer with a touch screen connected to your network effortlessly. Enjoy seamless printing and convenience at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Question

How WPS Pin is used to connecting the Brother Printer?

If you want to turn on your brother printer, plug it into an electrical outlet.

Once you’ve made your selection, click the OK button to confirm it.

Select WLAN by pressing the same arrow button and then OK.

When you’re done, press the OK button.

Choose the ‘WPS w/Pin’ code with your arrow button.

8-digit pin code will now appear on your printer’s LCD screen, and your device will begin searching for an access point.

An Internet- connected computer will require you to enter HTTP:// access point IP address in order to access the network resource. Put in the WPS pin that appears on the LCD.

Your device is successfully connected to the router if you have LCDs connected. You can print a document wirelessly if you have LCDs connected.

How to setup Brother Printer WPS pin using touch screen?

To begin, turn on the machine by turning on the power to the Brother printer.

Select the menu item from the menu given below.

Select the network choice from the menu.

Select WLAN from the menu.

To display the Brother Printer WPS Pin code, press the arrow, and then press WPS PIN Code.
The LCD panel will display an 8-digit pin code, after which the system will begin a 5-minute search for the router.

 What is a Brother Printer WPS PIN, and why is it important?

The Brother Printer WPS PIN is an 8-digit code used for securely connecting your printer to a Wi-Fi network.
It is essential because it simplifies the setup process and enhances security during the connection.

 Is the WPS PIN the same for all Brother Printers?

No, the WPS PIN is unique to each Brother Printer. You can find the specific WPS PIN for your printer in its settings.

Is the Brother Printer WPS PIN secure?

Yes, the Brother Printer WPS PIN is secure. It uses WPA or WPA2 protocols for encryption, and the setup process often requires physical access to the printer and router, enhancing security.

Where can I find the WPS PIN for my Brother Printer?

To find your Brother printer’s WPS PIN, turn it on, access the control panel, locate the network settings, and retrieve the 8-digit PIN displayed on the screen. It simplifies secure Wi-Fi network connection.

How is the WPS Pin used to connect the Brother Printer?

Enable WPS on your router.

Press the Menu button on your printer and navigate to Network > WLAN > WPS w/PIN Code.

Enter the printer’s WPS PIN into your router.

Wait for the printer to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

How to set up a Brother Printer WPS pin using a touch screen?

Press Menu > Network > WLAN > WPS w/PIN Code.

Press OK.

The printer will display an 8-digit WPS PIN.

To set the Brother Printer WPS pin using the touch screen.

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