HP Printer Printing Slow

How to Fix HP Printer Printing Slow Issue

Why is My Printer Printing So Slow

HP Printers are one of the widely used printers. We print several documents from time to time, but some user also encounters HP Printer Printing Slow issue. This is such an annoying issue that can slow down your workflow. It is recognizable as a technical issue and essential to fix immediately to prevent further complications. 

There are various printing issues that you may encounter. These are some common printing issues that a user faces most of the time:

The Printer Printing Slow over Network: Sometimes, this issue can occur by using a network printer. Ensure to change the printer’s IP address to fix this issue.
HP Printer Long Delay before Printing, printing very slow, slow to start printing: Most of the HP Printer users encounter this issue. Make sure to reinstall and update the printer driver if this issue occurs with your printer.
The Printer is Slow to Respond, Printing PDF: Certain glitches can happen with your printer due to several reasons. Reboot your printer to resolve this problem.
Long Delay before Printing Starts: You can encounter this issue due to the inappropriate functioning of Print Spooler. Restart your device and delete all files of the Print Spooler.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Printing Slow Issue

Reinstalling Printer Driver

If you are facing the HP Printer Printing Slow issue, the problem may be the printer driver. Sometimes, this problem arises because of a corrupted printer driver, so it is best to reinstall it.

1) First, you have to open the Device Manager. To do so, press the Window button on your keyboard, type device in the search bar, and then select the Device Manager.
2) Right-click on your printer, and then select the Uninstall device option from the menu.
3) Click on the Uninstall button when the Uninstall Device dialog box will prompt.
4) After uninstalling the printer driver, click on the Scan for hardware changes icon.
5) Now, Windows will start to find a compatible driver for your printer and install it on your computer.

Note: If Windows is unable to find a compatible driver for your printer, then manually install the printer driver.

Clear the Printers Directory and Stop the Print Spooler Service

HP Printer is Slow to Start Printing issue occurs because of the inappropriate functioning of Print Spooler. The files within the Printers directory also prevent the HP Printer from printing. To fix this issue, delete all files of the Printers directory.

1) Press the Windows + R key simultaneously on the keyboard and type services.msc in the search bar.
2) Click on OK or press the Enter button.
3) Right-click on the Printer Spooler service and then click on the Stop button.
4) Minimize the Print Spooler service window.
5) Open my computer and go to the C:/Windows/System32/spool/PRINTERS path.
6) Delete all files of the PRINTERS directory.
7) Open minimized Print Spooler service window, right-click on the Print Spooler service and then click on the Start button.

Set HP Printer Pointing to the Port

If your HP Printer is slow to start printing, this happens due to mapping the printer across the server. To fix this issue, add your HP Printer as a local printer and point it towards the port. 

Note: This solution only works for the network printers, if you are not sharing your HP Printer with a local network, then this solution is not for you. 

Update the Printer Driver

1) Visit the HP official site, go to the Printer section, enter the model number, and then click on the Submit button.
2) Download the recommended Driver package.
3) Locate the downloaded package.
4) Double-click on it and click on the Run button if prompted.
5) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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