Fix HP Printer in Error State Fixed

HP Printer in Error State? Here’s your Step by Step Fix Guide

Is your HP Printer in Error State? Or is it showing error while printing? Well these errors are nothing unusual and happens with almost every user once at least.  Getting these errors can be really annoying at times as it hampers the work being done and slows down ones productivity.

However with the help of our skilled technicians through online chat you will get some valuable assistance of overcoming this issue. Our expert subject matter experts are always available online via chat and calls 24×7 to help you resolve your printer in error state issues.

HP Printer in Error State Issue Fix

In case if you wish to try your hands on first then you can easily follow certain basic steps which are provided here and get going, however if you still struggle then just get in touch with us immediately and we will be more than happy to help.  Here are few basic steps mentioned below for you which you can try without any hassle.

1) Check the Connection of the Printer –

The first and foremost thing that one should do is to thoroughly check the printer’s connection, at times the HP printer in error state can occur if the connections are either loose or not setup properly, therefore make sure that all the connections that are interlinked to your printer are properly connected. Check the connection between your PC and Printer, if in-case there is a loop then rectify it immediately and run a test print to confirm.

2) Restart the Printer, and the devices connected –

At times restarting the devices alone solves the major problem of printer in error state, therefore switch off and then switch on (preferably after few seconds) all the devices connected including the HP Printer. You may see that the error is no longer there.

3) Check if the Printer is Online –

Check your printer status if it is showing online or offline? At times due to poor connectivity the printer may go into offline mode, also if the router is not working properly then it also might affect the printer’s online status, hence make sure you thoroughly check the printer’s status. In case if it shows Offline then follow the steps mentioned and try to get it Online –

1) Firstly go to the “Control Panel”
2) Next select ‘Devices and Printers’ option
3) Cross check if the printer is offline or online. If it is shows online, then in that case the status will reflect as ‘Ready’ if not then right click on printer and select the options which says – ‘Use Printer Online’
4) By doing this your printer’s status will be Online.

4) Load paper in the paper tray –

One of the reasons of printer in error state is if the papers in a Paper tray are not loaded properly or if there is a paper jam. So check if the papers are loaded, without any crumble, wrinkle. Once the papers are loaded properly switch on the printer once again and give a print command in order to re –check.

5) Re-install or Update the Drivers of your Printer –

A corrupt or faulty printer driver may also lead to printer errors, in this case you need to either re-install or update your printer driver.
To begin with first check if there is adequate power supply to your printer or not? Means plug in your printer to a power source and turn it on, next check for the USB or wireless connection, see if it is properly connected.
First try to troubleshoot the existing driver, if things are still complicated then kindly uninstall it and install a new one.
You can also update your existing driver.
To do this – right click on the start key and then select the Driver Manager.
Then click on expand printer and key in your printer model number, then right click and select driver update.
By doing this you can easily update your driver and get rid of the HP Printer error issue.

Hope this blog would help you to resolve your HP Printer in Error State issues, however if the problem still persist then contact us immediately and our trained, certified technicians who work round the clock will assist your promptly. You can get all kind of assistance related to your HP printer issues and your queries would be resolved effectively without any delay.

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