Connect HP Laserjet printer to Wifi

How To Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi

Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi

HP is one of the better companies of printers which are available today. Along with good quality printing, it offers scanning, copying and other services. The good thing about this printer is the fact that it can be used in business spaces along with being used in domestic environments as well.

The good thing about printers being enabled with a WiFi connection nowadays is the fact that this helps in eliminate options like wires and cables. It makes the process of setting up printers much easier.

You can also move the printer more easily from one place to another if the printer is wireless connected. The HP printer is one of the best options available out there in the wireless printer series.

The first thing to do after we setup the HP printer is to make sure we connect it to the Wi-Fi.The steps given below will help on how to connect the HP Laserjet printer to the WiFi.

The steps are fairly simple and can be followed by customers themselves. However in case any issues arise, make sure that you check the cables and wires of the printer and computer as well.

Along with this you could also check if the printer driver software has been installed. If this is not done, then you will need to head over to the 123.hp website and then click on the printer. Make sure you type in the name of the Laserjet printer correctly.

Once this is done, the file will get downloaded on the computer and make sure you follow all the steps to install it carefully onto your computer. This would more or less cover most issues that could arise.

However in case of any other errors, the website of HP printers can be looked at, and then customer service can also be contacted for any issues. There are also a number of solutions are given on the website itself.

Step to Connect HP Laserjet printer to the WiFi?

Download the software first

Make sure that you have the software on your computer. This can be done in two ways. You could either install the software using a CD or another way to do it could be to download the software going to the HP website as well.

Important essentials before connecting

This would include things like making sure you have an internet connection, that the internet is working properly. Make sure you have the Wi-Fi login details etc. Ensure you have all the wires and other cables needed to establish the connection.


You can either use the WPS button option to make sure you connect the HP Laserjet printer to the Wi-Fi. But if this is not supported then you could also use another method.

You need to go to the control panel of your computer and then click on the WiFi option. Once the light starts flashing then click on the WPS button.

Printer driver software

After this make sure you download and install the printer driver if you havent already. For this you could go to the 123.hp website and type in the name of the correct printer and download the software. Ensure that you type in the name of the HP Laserjet printer and then click on download.

Once the download is done on your computer then go over to the download and make sure you install the software by following the instructions given in the dialog boxes which follow.

This mostly covered the general requirements to connect your HP Laserjet printer to Wi-Fi, however should any issue arise which has not been addressed above or on the HP printer website either then the customer service help can be contacted for this purpose.

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