How To Fix HP Printer Driver won’t Install Issue On windows 10?

hp printer won't install on windows 10

Fix HP Printer Driver won’t Install Issue On windows 10

A printer driver is an essential part of having a printer setup. The HP printer would not work without proper functioning driver software.Therefore prior to setting up or even using a printer you must always ensure you have the printer driver installed on your device. Sometimes however minute issues arise with the usage of the driver. There could be a lot of reasons due to which this happens. Some of them will be illustrated and discussed below.

What you have to do is follow the article and then apply the particular steps which you deem accurate to your printer situation, as it could be a problem arising at different stages, and would thus need different approaches at fixing it.

All the possible steps have been attempted to be covered through the course of this, however if more issues continue to persist, there is always the option of contacting customer care of HP printers to deal with the problem at hand. Irrespective, this is an attempt at summarizing thoroughly the possible problems you could be facing, so have a glance over at it and try to fix the HP printer driver issue on your own first.

Fix HP Printer Driver won’t Install Issue

  1. Now, first thing to do is to assess whether you have already installed a driver before or this is the first time you are installing it.
  2. Usually when you setup a printer in the beginning, one of the first steps is to make sure you download and install a printer driver.
  3. So if you are in one of the first stages of attempting this, then make sure that you go to the 123.hp website.
  4. After doing this, then type in the name of your HP printer correctly. Bear in mind that typing an incorrect printer name or downloading the wrong file will cause printer errors for you later on.
  5. So make sure the correct software is downloaded for the printer.
  6. After doing this, then go to the saved software on the device and give it some time to install.
  7. Once this is done, then your installation will be complete.
  8. Now if you are at the second stage of printer driver, meaning that if you already have a driver installed but it is not working, then there could be other factors to consider.
  9. Meaning, you could have a software problem concerning the driver software.
  10. This would mean that you would have to check for any software updates if they are available and then download them for your device.
  11. If this doesn’t help either, then try removing the printer software and then downloading it all over again.
  12. Sometimes the uninstalling also goes on to help and goes a long way in fixing your driver errors.
  13. Largely, rebooting the computer is also a possible solution which you could try in this case.
  14. Another thing is, you could try bring all the settings to normal or the way that they were earlier. Sometimes, the altered settings leads to a problem with the printer driver or its functioning.

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