How To Fix Epson Wf 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97

Fix Epson Error Code 0x97

Fix Epson Wf 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97

The Epson wf 3630 printer is a reliable and recommended printer among the Epson printer line offered.  However sometimes when using even the best of printers like the Epson wf 3630 printer, sometimes certain problems arise. These issues may be relating to a printer displaying offline mode, or like in this case the printer showing error code 0x97.

In case of this you can follow certain rules which are given below. Make sure that the details are followed properly. Should any errors arise in the case of the Epson wf 3630 printer then even the printer website can be checked for details. There is also the option of contacting customer care for any issue in case it is needed.

Sometimes the Epson wf 3630 printer might display printer error code 0x97 and in these cases the simple steps given below can be followed.

  1. The first step here is to make sure to find out the reason behind why the Epson wf 3630 printer is showing printer error code 0x97. Once the reason is identified then the problem can be solved in a more easy manner.
  2. The error display on the Epson wf 3630 printer causes the printer to stop working and it will not resume any printing activity until the error in the printer is fixed.
  3. This problem could be arising due to some internal hardware issues in the Epson wf 3630 printer as well.
  4. This could range from simple issues which can be fixed by steps below.
  5. But sometimes the printer error code 0x97 could be due to more serious problems like the motherboard being damaged or unable to work anymore. In more serious cases like this you need to make sure either to get it fixed by a technician or you can also replace the Epson wf 3630 printer hardware which needs to be fixed.

How to fix Epson wf 3630 printer printer error code 0x97?

  1. For the first step you have to make sure that you download the error code 0x97 patch from the website of the Epson printer. Ensure you do this as the first thing to fix the printer error in Epson wf 3630 printer.
  2. Now you have to restart your computer and login as an administrator user. Then you have to go over to the accessories option and restore your printer to the earlier date.
  3. After this go over to the authentication option and then click on the next option available here and then make sure you click on OK.
  4. Once this process has been done you have to only use your system after you have restarted the system entirely. Make sure you do this with the Epson wf 3630 printer as well.

A lot of times the error code 0x97 could be on display on the Epson wf 3630 printer because of other reasons as well. Aside from the reasons discussed there could be the reason of the printer head being clogged and unclean and therefore leading to the error code 0x97 being displayed on the Epson wf 3630 printer. To fix this you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly ensure that you have to switch off the printer from its power source and then open the printer ink cartridge area.
  2. Once you have done this, then make sure that you remove the cartridges from the Epson wf 3630 printer.
  3. And then proceed to clean the cartridges with a clean cloth. Make sure this is delicate.
  4. Let them dry and reinstall them again.

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