How to Connect My Canon Pixma G3200 Printer To Wifi

Canon Pixma G3200 printer is a wholesome combination of design and productivity as it has never proven anything less than perfection in any of those fields of printing. It is a multitasking printing machine that cannot only carry out print commands but can also scan and copy the documents that one wishes for. It is a printing device that would meet all your requirements and can connect to both windows operating devices as well as the Mac OS. It has the benefit of wireless printing and hence you may carry out a Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup in case you wish to get liberated and free from the issues that are caused during a wired setup. The Canon Pixma G3200 printer setup could be wireless without the thought of damages in the middle of the work that could occur in a USB wire which is connecting your printer to the device.

In spite of all the comfort and ease that my Canon Pixma G3200 printer brings along with it, a few of the users feel unknown to the Canon Pixma G3200 printer setup and thus, we are here to help and assist you with the same. Several users generally ask about “how to connect my Canon Pixma G3200 printer with the device that I am using for giving commands”. Let us look at the methods below which would help you with the Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup without causing any trouble or requirement for an external hand of help.

So, there are two steps in the method of how to connect my Canon Pixma G3200 printer which is both easy and handy to carry out. We will discuss both the steps separately below.

Canon Pixma G3200 printer setup with the help of an easy wireless connection

● There is a Wi-Fi button present on your Canon printer which you need to press until the ‘ON’ LED light on your printer starts glowing.
● Then you need to press the two buttons that are named ‘color’ and ‘Wi-Fi’ simultaneously.
● Now make sure that the Wi-Fi light on your printer flashes rapidly while the ‘ON’ lights are continuously glowing.
● Then move back to the application window screen and move forward with the entire Canon Pixma G3200 printer setup procedure.

Now you may begin with the downloading and the installation procedure of the printer drivers. Make sure that the drivers that you install are compatible and suitable for the model number of your Canon printer. The installation of the wrong ones might create issues with the working and functioning of the printer as well as the device.

● Start the process by downloading the printer driver that is suitable with your Canon Pixma G3200 printer through the official Canon website or the CD that is provided along with your printer at the time of purchase. The CD has the software pre-installed which would allow you to install the drivers on your device.
● Once the printer drivers are downloaded you need to process the run command.
● Click on the ‘start setup’ option shown on the screen and then press on ‘next’.
● The screen might show you a list of terms and conditions which you need to accept after reading in order to move forward with the entire process.
● Make sure that the ‘firewall settings’ on your device are suitable for the installation of the driver software so, you must enable or disable them accordingly.
● Your windows screen shows a list of the available Wi-Fi routers among which you need to now choose the one which you wish to connect to and then enter the passcode for the same.
● Now click on the ‘next’ button and the Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup is completed. Thus, you could now start using the Canon Pixma G3200 printer to receive amazing and top-quality printouts as a result of your commands.
● Make sure to give a sample print command in order to confirm the proper functioning of your printer.

However, there might be a chance that the users of my Canon Pixma G3200 printer are not aware of the setup process but we have helped you with the same above. In case you are unable to process the Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup successfully on your device due to some technical issue, you may contact the Canon executive through the contact details present on their official website and they would help you with the same on a 24/7 basis.

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