Why My Canon Printer Not Printing Color?

Canon Printer Not Printing Color

Canon Printer Not Printing Color

Canon, one of the top international brands for printers withworld class print quality and printing devices. These printers are compatible for both home and office use. If you have a Canon printer connected to your laptop or computer system, high quality with good color printouts with maximum clarity is guaranteed.

But, a lot of people face issues with their Canon printers and feel that their printer is no longer printing correctly. Now before we move on to solving this problem, it is extremely important to understand why the problem is occurring and what is the reason behind it?

The search volume of Canon printer not printing color error is really huge which makes it clear that a huge number of Canon printer owners are suffering from this problem. Here we have come up with multiple solutions that can help you resolve this issue with our productive solution.

We have provided an in- depth article covering the causes as well as the solutions fox fixing Canon printer not printing color issues.

Reasons for Canon Printer Not Printing Color

There can be multiple reasons why your Canon printer is not printing colors. Some of these are:

  • The system is running a faulty printer driver
  • Low ink in ink cartridges or empty ink cartridges
  • Due to jamming of paper
  • Incorrect printer software installation
  • Printer setup errors with your Canon printer
  • Compatibility problems
  • Because of printer head being dusty or faulty
  • Not using original ink for printing
  • Less number of papers loaded in the paper tray
  • Weak wireless network connection or other related issues

There are several different ways that can be applied here to resolve this problem from your canon printer. But if don’t have enough knowledge on the same, sit back and relax as we have covered the best and the most effective solutions for the Canon printer not printing color issue.

Solutions for Canon Printer Not Printing

Our troubleshooting step by step instruction guide is all that can help you get out of this problem in no time. Very simple and easy ways of getting over this issue have been provided by us in this article. This not only going to save your time but money as well. So, let’s start with the very solution:

Checking Your Ink Cartridge

As we have just discussed, that low amount of ink or no ink in the ink cartridge can be a reason for this problem. So, for eliminating the error and correcting the issue, you need to check for the level of the ink present in the ink cartridge. In case, if this is the reason, just refill it with the new and original ink. Steps to follow:

  • Open the front part of your printer
  • Take out the ink cartridge carefully
  • Check for the ink level present in the ink cartridge
  • Refill the ink
  • Adjust it back to its normal position carefully
  • Try a print test on a paper

If the problem is still there, move on to the next solution provided down below.

Updating the Printer Driver

A printer driver is a must for printing any document or photo or any kind of paper sheet for a printer device. So, whenever the printer driver gets outdated, it is our responsibility to update it and not to keep on using the faulty or improper version of the printer driver. This is one of the most common causes of Canon printer not printing color issues. You need to update the Canon printer driver as early as possible with the latest version available depending upon your printer model number and the operating system you are using. But, make sure to download the printer driver from the official website alone as they are original and fits your printer requirements perfectly.

The problem is there yet? Scroll down to the next option.

Checking the Color Printing Settings

Ensure that the color printing option is enabled on your Canon printer because if it’s disabled, then it won’t let the printer print colors. Follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Start button present on your computer system
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Printers and Scanners
  • Select your Canon printer from the given list of printers
  • Go to the properties tab
  • Enable the color printing option
  • Now, test a color page printout from your printer

Yet the problem is unsolved? No issues, we have another solution to fix it.

Restarting Your Printer

Restarting your printer can be a solution that can work here. This is one of the best solutions to try if nothing else is working and can actually help in resolving many technical issues. So, restart your Canon printer immediately and then take a test print.

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