How to Fix HP printer 0x00000057 Error

HP printer 0x00000057 error

We all know that how printers has become an important part of everyone’s life. Although printing has started from the Mesopotamian period but it was only on the stones, leaves, etc. It is only after the arrival of the modern printing technology that printers have become an indispensible part of everyone’s life. Since then it has been widely used in almost every sector starting from educational, business, till household sector, everywhere it is vulnerable and unavoidable. For fulfilling all the requirements and expectations regarding the printer HP has become the first choice for everyone and it is as worthy as the money is. But even after having all the convenience and advanced technological features in it, it can also occur problems while its operation. One among them is the HP printer 0x00000057 error.

HP Printer 0x00000057 Error

If you are facing any kind of trouble like 0x00000057 error, this blog will be very much helpful for you to resolve your issue. This is one of the common errors faced by several printer or computer uses. This error is nothing but the installation issue of the computer. It is thus obviously very annoying printer error as it doesn’t permit the users to connect the printer with the computer as without having the printer driver installed in the computer how can a printer be connected to the device? To resolve your issue and to make you feel enjoy with the device we are giving some hints to you. We hope that these hints will help you to resolve your issues very easily.

Below are few of the simple steps to resolve troubleshoot 0x00000057 error

1. Click on the window or start button on your keyboard.
2. Select the control panel from the list of options.
3. The go to the devices and printers option.
4. Then click on add a printer option and add the printer model that you are using.
5. Choose to create a new port option and then click on the local port there.
6. Then you will find to enter the network path on the computer printer. The creation of new port is successful.
7. Go back and select the appropriate printer from the list.
8. Click on replace driver from the currently installed option.

You will be successfully able to resolve your HP printer 0x00000057 error on your printer. A dialog box will then appear which will ask you whether you wish to share the computer printer or not. If you want to do that you will need to assign the name to the device or you can also choose from the suggested or given name displayed on the screen.

If you still face any difficulty in resolving this issue you can call us on our 24×7 available printer customer support phone number . We will further assist you over call and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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