How to Connect HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi?

HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi

Connect HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi

There are a lot of methods that can be applied for connecting your newly bought HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi and we have covered each and everyone of them to make things easy for you. You can connect HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi using either of these methods.

All of these methods are equally good and maintains a stable connection with a nearby wireless router. All you need to do is to perform the following mentioned steps for HP Deskjet 3634 wireless setup.

Connect HP Deskjet 3634 to WiFi

  • Turn on your HP Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Hold on to the wireless and the cancel buttons together for a few seconds.
  • Now, keep on pressing the buttons until you see the power light and the wireless signal light flashing.
  • Connect the printer using the WPS button.
  • If your wireless router doesn’t have a WPS button, then establish the connection using the HP Smart application.
  • Make sure to install the HP Easy Start application on your computer before going for this method of connection.
  • Press and hold the wireless button given on the printer’s control panel for around three seconds.
  • Leave the button once you see the wireless light blinking.
  • Now, hold on the WPS button for three seconds.
  • Now open the HP Smart for connecting it to your HP Deskjet 3634 printer to WiFi.
  • Use the pop ups seen on your computer screen.

Connecting HP Deskjet 3634 Using Wireless Direct

Wireless Direct or the WiFi Direct is a great feature supported by this printer that makes printing easy and smooth. The following steps are enough to establish this connection using WiFi Direct.

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Make sure it has blank paper in the paper tray and enough ink to print in the ink cartridge.
  • Open your file that your wish to print and after opening the file, select the print option.
  • Establish the local connection of your printer to your WiFi for completing the printout job.
  • iPhone users can visit the Apple app store on your phone and install the application of HP Smart.
  • For Android users, the same application can be downloaded and installed from Google Play.
  • After installing the application, open it on your phone.
  • Tap on the Home page and choose Camera roll.
  • Select the image displayed on your screen.

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