How to Fix Error 0x000021a in Windows 10?

Fix Error 0x000021a in Windows 10

It is quite common for the Microsoft Windows 10 users to come across errors or other kind of issues after each new update. Every single update from Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a new sort of bug/ error which makes things hard for the users and also harms the computer system.

One such extremely common bug that most of the Windows 10 users come across is error 0x000021a. This is a blue colored screen error that usually occurs when the system crashes after an update or when you reinstall the operating system.

This error 0x000021a states that “your PC ran into a problem and needs s restart” But the same error will appear every time after you restart the system. The question to Error 0x000021a in Windows 10 is common and we have come up with the solution.

Reasons for Stop Code 0x000021a Error

A few of the reasons why this error code occurs and crashes your Windows 10 operating system are:

  • Interference of external devices with the operating system.
  • The Windows registry getting damaged.
  • The corruption of Winlogon.exe file.
  • Deletion of Csrss.exe file.
  • The hardware drivers getting corrupted.
  • Incompatible software in your system.

Steps to Fix Error 0x000021a in Windows 10

The major issue with this error code is that it is not going to let you go inside your computer system. Thus, if you wish to go into your computer system again without installing an entire new operating system, you have only one option that is to reset your system.

It is actually a really easy process of permanently fixing this error code. It will take some where around 50 minutes for the entire system getting reset. But the best part is that all your files and your programs will be safe.

  1. Reset your computer by pressing the SHIFT key from your keyboard for letting your computer system bring the Advanced Boot Options.
  2. Now, go to the troubleshoot option shown on the computer screen.
  3. From the troubleshoot go to the reset this PC.
  4. Now after selecting the reset this PC option, also select the keep my files options.
  5. Now, press the Windows 10 and hot the reset button.

Resetting the computer system will:

  1. Will remove all the applications and software that were not the part of the PC from the starting.
  2. Settings will get back to default.
  3. Will reinstall windows without affecting your files.

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