How to Fix Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10 with HP Laptop

Fix Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10

Fix Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10

Sometimes in the course of using your HP Laptop, a blue screen might appear all of a sudden. This usually happens when the laptop crashed out of nowhere and a display appears on top of the screen. This is usually a warning blue screen which shows on the desktop and there is also a sign which appears along with it. This continues to be on the display for some time, and along with it you realize that there is a driver state failure when along with the message there is also a small message on the right side corner indicating in smaller letters that there is driver failure.

This article has been drawn up to include a list of things we could do that would perhaps fix this issue.

  1. First start out by inspecting whether or not the driver is in good working condition. The primary problem in this particular issue is usually relating to the driver itself. Check whether or not the correct driver software is installed and if the HP Laptop is not showing driver errors in some ways. One can also check for driver updates if they find any. This would help the device function properly when power is restored.
  2. Uninstall all the extra apps which are running on the device and therefore slowing down its functioning. Number of the background apps can be shut down if needed. The HP Laptop also needs to be restarted along with this.
  3. One can also try to refresh their device settings to see if it starts to function properly after this. Now after making any sort of changes to the device, ensure that you always restart before you start to use it again for the most optimum experience.
  4. Make sure that your anti-virus software has been installed and is in a working condition as well. This will ensure that any unwanted software or apps do not find place in your device. One can also start out by trying to click on the power saving option of your device to opt for it.
  5. You can also start out by using your PC in safe mode for starters, and then once it functions properly, then proceed onto using it per your will. Along with this, you can also check basic things on your HP laptop like the wires, internet connection issues and the other peripherals within it.
  6. Aside from all this, if the concerns continue to persist and do not get resolved despite the above methods, then you can also approach number of the HP centres for laptop which offer servicing etc. for the devices. Most of these are located across the world owing to it being a popular company, thus it is also easy to reach out to them in case of need.
  7. However it is suggested to only exhaust one’s options at their hand and only then proceed to go for the service center of HP.

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