Brother printer not printing black

Fix Brother Printer not Printing Black

Brother Printer not Printing Black

Brother printer is an amazing product that can be used for printing great quality documents and files. It has exceptional features and characteristics which makes the working process more interesting and the printout quality truly amazing. However, in case you are printing a document and face the Brother printer not printing black issue, it might hamper and get in the way of your tasks that have to be delivered. Such issues are generally seen in Brother printers due to technical errors or the ones that will be discussed below.

Reasons why the Brother printer is not printing black.

  • The most common reason would be the unavailability of sufficient ink cartridges.
  • The ink in the cartridges might be dried out, obstructing the printing process and thus causing the printer not to print black issues.
  • The ink or toner cartridges that are inserted in your printer might not be placed correctly.
  • The Brother printer drivers that are installed could have been outdated and not efficient enough to carry out the print commands that are given presently.
  • There is a tape which is known as breather tape on your cartridges that has to be removed, which might still be there. Make sure to remove it before installing the ink cartridges or it will not allow the ink to flow for printing.

Moving forward let us now discuss how to fix the Brother printer not printing black issues and get out of it as soon as possible. The below-mentioned steps must be considered before reaching a repair shop or specialist in order to save time and money.


Check your ink cartridges and in case the ink is dried up or insufficient to carry out a specific print command that you might have given, you need to change the ink cartridges. Try to insert the new ink cartridges and give a sample print command for confirming their proper functioning.


The ink cartridges that you are presently using might not be original to that of Brother printers and thus cause the printer not printing black issue. Install the ink and toner cartridges that are original and your printer might work normally.


Update the existing printer drivers in case they are outdated. However, if they are not yet installed you may install the same in order to proceed further with the efficient working of Brother printers.

To install the printer drivers you need to visit the official site of the Brother brand and look for the cartridges which are compatible and suitable for the model number of your printer. Once you find them you need to download and install them by processing the run command along with following the instructions that might be shown on your screen. Once you do so you need to restart your printer by giving it a pause break of a minute or two for it to get adapted to the new printer drivers and start the printing process normally and efficiently.

On the off chance that your Brother printer is not printing black issue is yet not resolved or you are still confused about why your Brother printer is not printing black you may contact the professional executive and the customer care number that could be located on the Brother printer’s official website. They would provide you with the necessary assistance and help on a 24/7 basis online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Brother printer not printing black even when the cartridges are full?

There might be a chance that the ink might have dried off or the cartridges might not have been installed in a proper manner. You may also try updating the printer drivers that are installed on your printer.

How to get rid of the Brother printer not printing black issues?

Give the solutions a start by checking the ink cartridges in your printer to be filled and installed properly. You can also clean the printhead in case there are issues with the same. Updating the existing printer drivers might also help in the same.

Why does my printer print only in color or black at times?

You may check your settings in the printer section while you print a specific file. In case the page that you wish to print is set up in grayscale it would only be printing the black and white documents. If you change the settings to the default option it will start printing in color too. You may also check if the ink required for black printouts is enough in the cartridges.

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