How Do I Connect HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 Printer To Wifi

The HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 is a rather highly recommend printer from the HP printer series available in the market today. It is offering a very high quality printing along with a good user experience as well. It does not only offer printing, but scanning and copying services as well. It is a very good customer rated product as well.

Nowadays a lot of printers being put out in the market today are being able to operate on internet connection instead of the old method. This is beneficial for the users in a lot of ways. One of the ways being the fact that it eliminates the need for a number of wires and cables to connect the device to the computers.

Connect HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 Printer To Wifi

cp1025nw wifi setup

Another major plus point about having printers which connect with the help of wireless internet is that they can connect with a number of devices, like mobile phones and tablets can also be used for printing instead of only computers or laptops.

The versatility offered by wireless internet printers like the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 is commendable.

It is also important to note that once the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer has been purchased, the first step here has to be to ensure that you setup your printer properly. It has to be done in a manner compatible with the instructions given in the booklet, or instructions given on the 123.hp website online.

After this, the larger idea is to make sure you connect your HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer to the Wi-Fi. The procedure to do this is very simple and can be followed by people at home themselves.

The steps given below in numbers just have to be adhered to very strictly, and in case of any trouble with the connection make sure you check whether or not you have followed every step properly.

However, in case of any larger issues, the website of HP printers can be looked at to look at the FAQs and other specific queries relating to connecting the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer to Wi-Fi. The customer service executives and technicians of HP printer can also be contacted in case of any problems relating to setting up the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer and connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

How to connect the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer to Wi-Fi?

  1. Make sure you have the name of the network and the SSID, network key and other requirements before trying to connect the HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer.
  2. Ensure that your computer or laptop, other devices are connected to the internet. Make sure that the wires and cables of all the devices are plugged in to the power sources.
  3. Make sure the printer and computer are kept in close proximity of each other as well. Also be certain that you remove any other devices connected to your computer.
  4. You have to go to the HP printer website and download the printer driver software, and be sure to download the correct driver software for your device. After downloading it, install it on your computer and only then proceed.
  5. Connect using a USB cable your printer and your computer and disconnect once it is done.
  6. Make sure you follow the instructions given on the screen in order to complete the setup and process.
  7. Once you have followed the above steps, your printer driver software will be installed and downloaded on your computer, your HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi connection and then you can use it.

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