How to Fix My Canon Printer Won’t Print Problem?

Canon Printer Won't Print

Canon Printer Won’t Print

Canon is an electronics organization that manufactures a variety of products, mostly cameras and printers. These printers connect to the computers via a standard USB cable. It is essential to find out what is causing the problem that is stopping your printer from printing. Often, the Canon Printer Won’t Print issue occurs due to a corrupted printer driver. Canon printers are capable of printing thousands of paperwork and can work for a number of years, but after a time span, they can stop printing due to various reasons. Canon Printer Won’t Print issue can be an extremely frustrating issue sometimes when you start to face the common problems with your Canon Printer.

Why Canon Printer Won’t Print?

There can be various reasons why your canon printer won’t print. It can happen due to print head issues, blocked ink nozzles, corrupted printer drivers, paper jam issues, etc.

Go through with the basic troubleshooting:

1) Ensure to check the flashing warning light as it can be a sign of internal printer errors.
2) Make sure that the ink cartridges are not running out of ink, and there is no stray paper in the input tray.
3) Be sure to check the control panel of the printer for any error messages if you connect your printer to a computer.
4) Ensure to check the USB cable that it is correctly connected or not to the computer and printer.
5) If you connect your devices to a wireless network, then make sure to connect your printer and computer to your Wi-Fi correctly.
6) Restart your printer and router and check if it works.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue

The main reason for the Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue is inappropriate communication between the printer and the computer. 

1) Go to the Control Panel of your printer, then select the Wireless LAN Setup menu, and then click on the OK button.
2) Choose the Easy Setup option and click on OK.
3) Select the Access Point, then type your wireless network password and then click on the OK button.
4) Insert the Setup disk into your computer, according to the configuration settings of your printer select the compatible setup program and then double-click on it to install the Canon Printer on your computer.
5) Click on the Easy Install and then click on the Install button. When a new page will load, you can find your Printer on Network.
6) Click on the Yes button.
7) To start the installation process, click on the Next button.
8) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
9) After completion of the installation process, to check the Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue, try to run a test print job.

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